The SupaSkimmer is a large capacity skimmer box which is ideal for use in large domestic, semi commercial and commercial pools and ponds. Because of its large capacity 1.5 gallons of debris collection it is also ideal for any pond or pool that is constructed in leafy environments. High flow rate of over 5000 GPH.

Waterco SupaSkimmer

• Screw on faceplate with gaskets and stainless steel screws ideal for rubber liner koi ponds
• Lock down leaf basket and vacuum plate - holds the leaf basket and vacuum plate firm
• Large capacity basket – 1.5 gallons, over double the size of conventional skimmers
• Two 2" bottom suction ports – less water flow restrictions
• Two 1.5" side ports – ideal for wall mount cleaners
• Deeper body style – less chance of running pumping equipment dry.
• Built in overflow drain port option to assist the prevention of flooding, during heavy rain.

Price: $174.00

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