PerformancePro Artesian 2 HIGH Head /High RPM Pump The Artesian2 line of HIGH Head pumps from PerformancePro deliver maximum flow and good pressures even when pushing through high head systems. They are an excellent choice to consider when needing excellent flow for ponds or auqaculture.

They offer efficiency and reliability with the convenience of self-priming. The Aresian2 High flow include an easy to access integral large strainer basket. Available from 1/2 hp to 3 hp at the 3450 rpm producing plenty of flow for ponds and filtrations systems.

High Flow Performance Pro Pump
The 2 Inch unions on the ports are included. The pump and motors are designed for quiet operation. The motors are very reliable and included in the 3 year warranty on the pump.

The most popular is the Artesian2 1/2-HH: We recommend this pump for high turnover rates or high pressure filters.

The pumps can be wired for 115 or 230 volt. We include a power cord already wired for 115 volt with the 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP pumps.

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Artesian2 High Head 1/2 HP (A2-1/2-HH-C)

Amps: 6.6
Max GPH: 6,660 @ 7'
Ports: 2"
Max Head: 54'
HP: 1/2
Comes with Cord

Price: $681.15


Artesian2 High Head 3/4 HP (A2-3/4-HH-C)

Amps: 8.4
Max GPH: 7140 @ 8'
Ports: 2"
Max Head: 70'
HP: 3/4
Comes with Cord

Price: $739.10

Artesian2 High Head 1 HP (A2-1-HH-C)

Amps: 11.6
Max GPH: 8,580 @ 10'
Ports: 2"
Max Head: 78'
HP: 1
Comes with Cord

Price: $816.05

Artesian2 High Head 1 1/2 HP (A2-1 1/2-HH)

Amps: 15
Max GPH: 9,600 @ 13'
Ports: 2"
Max Head: 83'
HP: 1 1/2

Price: $862.60

Artesian2 High Head 2 HP (A2-2-HH)

Amps: 16.8
Max GPH: 11,040 @ 16'
Ports: 2"
Max Head: 86'
HP: 2

Price: $954.75

Artesian2 High Head 3 HP (A2-3-HH)

Amps: 24.4
Max GPH: 12,000 @ 18'
Ports: 2"
Max HeadS: 93'
HP: 3

Price: $1,046.90

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The HIGH Head / High RPM PerformancePro Artesian 2 pumps deliver great flows at reduced amps.

The Artesian 2 pumps are the 2nd generation of Artesian pumps from PerformancePro. The new design increased the size and holding capacity of the leaf trap or strainer basket. The newer design also includes the 2 inch quick disconnects on both ports saving customers money and adding the ease of install and removing the pump when needed.

See the Specs tab for the Watts and amps used by the Artesian2 High Head pumps at different flow rates.

Warranty info - Click here
PerformancePro Artesian2 HIGH Head High RPM watt/Amps specifications at different flow rates. The Max. Watts/Amps is @ 115v.
pond pump artesian flow spec
Performance Pro Pump measurements

Most pumps ship out the same day ordered.

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