FlowVis® Flow Meters

Scale Range:

The scale reads from 20-110 GPM (1200-6600 GPH)

About FlowVis®

Every now and again, a great new idea results in a product that has people saying "now why didn't I think of that?". The patent pending FlowVis® from H2flow is just such a product. It is a revolutionary, affordable, and highly accurate Flow Meter.

Ingenious in concept, FlowVis® was developed by Dr. Richard DeVerse of Kona Labs. In addition to FlowVis®, Dr. DeVerse has pioneered numerous other innovative products for a variety of industries.

FlowVis® has undergone exhaustive testing and calibration to ensure long life, accuracy, and repeatability. No other Flow Meter at this price point is NSF certified or comes remotely close to its 97.9% accuracy.* There is no requirement for 10x pipe diameter before or after the unit, meaning FlowVis® can be placed directly before or after an elbow or tee fitting with virtually no effect on accuracy.

FlowVis® is more than a Flow Meter; it is also a fully functioning Check Valve.

*Accuracy: of 97.9% from 0 to 100 GPM verified by NSF testing. Additional NSF test results available upon request.


FlowVis® is available in two configurations:

A retrofit kit that installs to a pre-existing Jandy® or Praher 2" x 2.5" Check Valve assembly
A complete pre-assembled Check Valve assembly with FlowVis®

What makes FlowVis® different?

Pool installers, owners, and operators finally have a Flow Meter that they can rely on. Accuracy, reliability, and longevity are key among a list of unique features that include:

  • Combined functionality of Flow Meter and Check Valve
  • NSF certified
  • Accuracy of 97.9%
  • Installation flexibility - far less space required than other flow meters
  • Clear, easy to read scale
  • Installs in minutes
  • No calibration required
  • Design results in maintained accuracy even with entrained air caused by suction leaks
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 5-year breakage warranty
  • Rugged construction
  • Pressure tested to >50psi
  • Design life of 15 years with spring replacement every 7.5 years

FlowVis® is built to last. It's robust, yet unobtrusive design means that unlike competing Flow Meters, FlowVis® won't get kicked, tripped over, or broken. Infact, we're so confident in the durability of FlowVis® that the product has a 5-year warranty on breakage!

Unlike Pitot tube / Rotameter style devices, FlowVis® will not stick, bounce, or provide inaccurate readings of flow. There are no saddle clamps to corrode, flat rubber seals to deteriorate, or small holes to become blocked.

1½" Pipe/Check Valve Flow Meter

GPM: 0-110 (0-6600 GPH)

Price: $127.00

2" Pipe/Check Valve Flow Meter

GPM: 0-110 (0-6600 GPH)

Price: $127.00

FlowVis® & Variable Speed

Installing a variable speed pump for energy savings makes complete sense, but the only way to know how to set the pump's speed is by knowing the flow rate. FlowVis® allows you to:

  1. Maximize the energy-saving potential
  2. Achieve efficient skimming
  3. Reduce chemical costs
  4. Maintain a clean pool
  5. Ensure heater efficiency

It is essential to establish the required flow rate in order to achieve turnover requirements. Setting the flow rate too high will use more energy than required and setting it too low will result in a dirty pool.

Save Money. Save Energy.

  • FlowVis® provides a precise, easy-to-read flow rate
  • Knowing the flow enables the pump's speed to be optimized and energy savings maximized
  • Allow precise and repeatable valve positioning for perfect water feature operation

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