The True Glass Bead Filter has a unique design that safely polishes the water by trapping fines and solids down to 3 micron, thus outperforming bead filters or other brands of glass filters. This results in clearing your pond of crud floating through the water and polish it to look like mountain spring water. The only thing you'll see is the fish!

Unlike other glass filters that use unsafe crushed glass, our glass bead filters use hardened and truly round glass beads that are very safe to handle. So safe, we added them into our Koi pond months ago and have had no issues.

The True Glass Bead Filters offer a diverse means of installation unlike any other brand. There are ways you can you setup your True Glass Bead Filter:

  • As a stand-alone polishing filter with a dedicated low amp, low rpm pump (recommended)

  • Or in series after another pressurized bead filter to polish what the standard bead filter did not. (requires high amp, high rpm pump to force water through two filters)
  • The bodies used are all commercial grade and very sturdy.

    Skagitek True BiO filters
    True Glass Bead next to a dime

    The media used in our True Glass Bead Filters are a unique round glass bead with a hardness rating of 7, that is used in water purification filters for humans in over 40 countries. They are small enough to trap very fine particles, yet flow 20% better than sand. Simply monitor our high quality PSI gauge to determine the need to backwash the filter. (Gauge details further down)

    Image to the left shows the glass beads with a dime.

    For comparison, other glass filters use a soft and sharp recycled crushed glass that further breaks down over time and gets into the return lines to possibly end up on the pond bottom. Very unsafe.

    Pond water never looked so good!

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    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter

    True Glass Bead Filter Model 24T (Great for ponds under 5,000 gallons)
    Includes 24" wide Body, True Glass Beads, top mount 1.5" multi-Port and blower. 2" Union intake and returns. 1.5" clear waste window.

    The extra tough body is proven to withstand the environment and shipping making it ecotuff. The Praher Multi-port head is well know for quality. Includes a quality 2.5" oil filled 0-15 PSI gauge. Engineered to work with low rpm pumps making the True Glass Bead Filters the only glass filter on the market researched and designed to do so. The advantages of this glass bead filter are not only in the quality of all its components, but also in its ability to polish water, better and safely. (Consider ordering with the Ideal pump in a package deal below. Saving you money.)

    Price: $1395.00

    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter for polishing water

    Pump and True Glass Bead Filter Package 24T & 1/4-47 Same as above and INCLUDES the Ideal pump; Performance Pro Artesian A2-1/4-47 rated 2.1 amps.) Saving you money. Matched for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

    Most popular way to order!

    True Glass Bead Filter with Pump Package Deal 24T-1/4-47

    Price: $2119.95

    Skagitek True Bio 7.5 Filter

    True Glass Bead Filter Model 24S (ideal for ponds 4,000 gallons and up)
    Includes 24" wide fiberglass Body, True Glass Beads, side mount 2" multi-Port and blower. 2 inch plumbing. More laterals inside than the model 24T has to enable even better filtering and backwashing. 2" Union intake and returns. 2" clear waste window.

    The extra strong fiberglass body has 2 shells for added strength and life span. The Praher Multi-port side mounted valve permits better flow rates using 2 inch ports. 2.5" oil filled 0-15 PSI gauge. Engineered to work with low rpm pumps making this the only glass filter on the market researched and designed to do so. (Ideal pump; Performance Pro Artesian A2-1/4-58 rated 2.7 amps.) See combo of filter and pump below, saving you money.

    Price: $1945.99

    Skagitek True Bio 7.5 Filter

    Pump & True Glass Bead Filter Model 24S & 1/4-58
    Same as above and INCLUDES the Ideal pump; Performance Pro Artesian A2-1/4-58 rated 2.7 amps.) Saving you money. Matched for optimum performance

    Most popular way to order

    True Glass Bead Filter with Pump Package Deal 24S-1/4-58

    Price: $2699.95

    Due to popularity, lead time may range from 3 days to 3 weeks. You may call for stock availability.

    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter

    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter

    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter compaired to Sacramento Koi Advantage Glass Bead Filter using crushed glass

    Skagitek True Glass Bead Filter compaired to Sacramento Koi Advantage Glass Bead Filter using crushed glass

    Skagitek Clear dome lid for the True Glass Bead Filter

    The see through clear dome lid for True Glass Bead Filter 24S

    • Function
    • Benefits

    True Glass Bead Filter design:

    The next generation of refining water quality is here. The True Glass Bead filter polishes water so well, you may just see some aqua color return to your water similar to the day you first filled the pond. It removes floating debris down to 3 micron leaving only the water and the fish to enjoy. THIS IS NOT A BIOLOGICAL FILTER! It is referred to as a mechanical type of filtration that removes debris, yet this filter takes it to a whole new level when polishing the water of unwanted debris..

    True Glass media:

    The very round glass beads are hard to stop rolling if you place them on a dish. They truly are very round and safe in many ways. The hardness is #7 on the hardness scale which is the same as your carbon steel knife in the kitchen. The slick or polished glass beads makes it very hard for beneficial bacteria to try and grow or attach too. The media is so safe, we rubbed our hands on wet used glass beads for nearly an hour with no signs of wear to our hands and no cuts.

    The breakthrough benefit:

    Over a year of working with engineers and testing different levels of glass beads with different pumps on real ponds enabled us to master the high performing internal laterals that are slotted just for these glass beads to work with low RPM pumps to save the consumer money on the electrical bill. All known Glass filters to date are run on high RPM pumps drawing three times the amperage or more. The True Glass Bead polishing filter is in a class all by itself.

    Some testing was performed at the Performance Pro Pumps Corporation company utilizing a calibrated digital flow meter that was recently certified for its accuracy. Head pressures, PSI and optimum performance were all considered from utilizing many different pumps to determine the optimum setup.

    True Glass Bead Filter configurations:

    Ala-cart: The simplest and suggested setup, is to install the filter and its own pump as a separate system that can be used as needed. Saving you money when not needed. This setup will need to be run for a month or more depending on your water to first establish removing of the suspended debris and polishing all the water. Once the water is polished, consideration as to how often you may run it is up to you and your desired goals. Consider placing this system on a timer to run when you desire more flow. Simple!

    We offer a PRE-FILTER canister that has a Stainless Steel Basket to place prior to any pump. The double tall unit holds typically 3x more capacity of pump leaf traps and has ultra fine 5/64 inch holes to trap crud and finer debris. Thus reducing the need for backwashing of the True Glass Bead filter as often.

    In tandem: Some customers install the True Glass Bead Filter after there other pressurized filtration that would then require a high RPM pump to push volume through both filters because of the combined head pressure that would slow the total turn over rates down. Once the pond is polished enough, the multi-port valve on the True Glass Bead Filter could be set to bypass and permit the system to flow more. Then when polishing is needed again, return the handle to the filter position. Or just keep both filters on-line and enjoy continuous clear water.

    First experience:

    Trapping more than we see: The first day or so of running this filter on an established pond may require backwashing two times each day. It traps that well. Over the following weeks, it will require less backwashing and allow more time between. During our testing, we noticed that running it 24/7 from the summer months on into the fall and winter, we did not see any brownish or tea colored water from the tannins that are released from Fall leaves. This amazed us and then to see the water actually look aqua like a fish aquarium was amazing. Once we reached the totally polished levels, we turned the system off and noticed that it remained aqua like for the following months. It is amazing to see such clear water that is incredibility clearer than just saying you can see the bottom. The True Glass filters trap so much more than our eyes can see.



    Media: The True Glass Bead Filter has a proven safe media that is specifically designed to polish water. Because the polished beads have a hardness of #7 which is the same as a Carbon kitchen knife, it is very hard for beneficial bacterium to grow on. This benefits the design by not getting gummed up like crushed glass does and requiring the use of a hazardous chemical known as Potassium Permaganate to clean the media.

    Brand B Media: In the image below is showing the exact crushed glass media from recycled bottles that is used by another company as media in there glass filter for polishing water. The sharpness of this glass and all its sharp edges continue to break down even more and become smaller enabling them to flush out of their filter and into the waste and pond return lines. Should they return to the pond for Koi fish which typically suck along the bottom, this unsafe broken sharp glass could be sucked up. This would seem to be very unsafe for the fish. True Glass Beads have the advantage of being very round, safe and hard.

    Sharp crushed glass used by other filter companies

    Quality: The body on the 24S is a double wall fiberglass for added strength to be commercial grade. It is spun woven in a pattern that is so strong, we have witnessed the manufacturers processes of building and testing. Even the testing is remarkable in that they drop test them with water inside. Seems scary, yet reassuring that they take it to a higher level to verify that the strength is superior over other brands..

    As for the body of the 24T, it is engineered from high strength EcoTuff plastic to withstand the test of time and use. They are used in commercial applications for polishing water and proven to be very durable.

    Filter features

    • Extra strong body
    • Safe Media
    • Media able to filter down to 3 micron
    • Media is not recycled glass that breaks down
    • Round Media hardness of #7 the same as a Carbon Steel knife
    • Includes the blower
    • Allows for independent or sequence installation
    • Energy efficient enough to use low RPM pumps saving electrical demands
    • High quality 2.5" Oil filled 0 - 15 PSI easy to read gauge
    • Can be used as needed or on a timer

    Our testing

    SkagiTek tested separately the True Glass Bead filters on a 5250 gallon pond that has never been drained in over 10 years containing 12 large Koi, the results were amazing. It was able to bring clarity of suspended debris and permitted us to see such crystal clear water all the way down to 6 feet of depth like as though the water came from a mountain spring.

    When testing through the summer, during Fall and into Winter, we were in disbelief that this pond, that typically gets a root beer like colored water from the tannins during fall, did not experience a color change at all. Instead, the water continued to be clear and actually acquired an Aqua color. From our upper deck some 40 feet away, the whites on our Koi appeared to have an aqua color. In a closer look at the Koi, the white was pure white and the water was crystal clear. It was the water that appeared aqua from being so clean of suspended debris.

    Back pressure

    Any back pressure of equipment installed after the pump an cause the flow to decrease. The True Glass filters media flows 20% better than sand. Monitoring the PSI gauge is important because the filter is trapping fines so well that the flow decreases as the PSI increases. Watching the PSI gauge is the best method we found to determine the need to backwashing and to see just how well the flow returns after a thorough backwashing. Our PSI gauges are larger and easy to read making your job easier knowing also that they will last because of the quality of the gauge installed.

    Pump matching

    In effort to be energy efficient, we have tested different models of pump. The pumps we suggest for each model have been tested and the results compared with other pumps to determine an ideal match for a number of reasons leaving the guess work out of it. Some of the testing took place at Performance Pro Pumps which permitted there expert help and advice.

    Operating the filter randomly on-line & off-line

    We suggest anytime the filter is off line and not being used for a length of time, that the filter be backwashed prior to using again in effort to flush out any stagnate water in the filter for the health of the pond and fish.


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