True Glass Filter Series

True Glass Bead Filter series

The True Glass Bead Filter has a unique design that safely polishes the water by trapping fines and solids down to 3 micron, thus outperforming bead filters or other brands of glass filters. This results in clearing your pond of crud floating through the water and polish it to look like mountain spring water. The only thing you'll see is the fish!

 True BiO Filter Series

True BiO series

The True Bio series are high quality biological filters that combine vast biological surface area and open/interconnected pores that allow a thin bio-film to develop through our use of a unique media. With Thin Bio-Film Technology™, these filters allow you to reduce pond maintenance, have healthier water, and the ability to have more fish, all for a great value!

 True Pre-Filter Series

True Pre-Filter series

The True Pre-filter is available in two sizes to handle the job. With this Pre-filter, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at just how much it can hold and the quality of the units. In the True Pre-Filter, the water enters from above the basket enabling even more capacity over conventional designs that has the water enter from the side. Keep your flow rates up and your filters clogging less with a True Pre-filter in front of your pump.
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