4" Bottom Drain (Domed Lid)

For use with pond liners. Allows debris to be removed from the bottom of the pond. Connect to pump or settling tanks via 4" PVC or ABS pipe..
Drain material made of ABS. When connecting to PVC, use a glue that states on it's label can be used for ABS & PVC.

Price: $79.50


Bottom Drain - Metric 10.5cm (105mm)

Domed bottom drain. Requires a 4 inch Fernco rubber fitting to adapt to standard 4 inch pipe. (To install your rubber fernco fitting, bring a pan of water to a boil and remove pan from heat. Lower Fernco fitting after removing hose clamps in the hot water. Move Fernco fitting gently up and down for one minute. Remove Fernco and strech it onto the metric pipe fitting of the bottom drain. Replace / Install hose clamps back onto the Fernco. It's now ready for a 4 inch pipe.)

Price: With Fitting: $64.00
No Fitting: $45.00
With Fernco Fitting:

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