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Selecting the right equipment not only can save you from replacing or upgrading less expensive products, it can save enough money over the years to make it worth purchasing all the right equipment now. In the pond industry, you really do get so much more by buying better equipment. Instead of buying a cheaper pump and sending large payments to the electric company, read below about purchasing a reliable and efficient pump. Please call with any questions or to order. I hope the following helps.

Pump selecting submersible pond pump VS External pond pump

Submersible pumps draw more amps than external pumps because of their design. They do cost less to purchase and seem very affordable. However, they end up costing more than an external pump even in the first year of running them. Below is a comparison of a typical submersible to an external pump. Also note the warranty and flow rates at different head pressures.

Model / Cost







Watermark K5000 / $378 -$457.70


1 year





PerformancePro Artesian2 ¼-58
/ $640.30


3 year





The comparison shows that the external pump costs more to purchase, yet draws over 70% less in amps and this results in 70% less electricity used. Below is a formula for determining the costs of running an electrical item for a year. (Note: $/kilowatt-hr is the cost of kilowatt found on your electric bill)

Formula: Amps x 115 volts x 8,760/1,000 x $/kilowatt-hr = $ operating costs per year

For figuring ($/kilowatt-hr), we will use a cost number less than the national average. $0.10

Submersible: 10 (amps) x 115v x 8,760 / 1,000 x $0.10 (kilowatt-hr) = $  1007.40
External: 2.75 (amps) x 115v x 8,760 / 1,000 x $0.10 (kilowatt-hr) = $  277.04

Conclusion: Running the external pump instead of the submersible would save $730.36 each year. Looks like the external pump not only paid for itself in the first year, it also looks like after running it for the next few years could save enough for a paid trip to Hawaii.

One other side note worth mentioning. The external pump has a Baldor motor that has been known to keep running 24/7 for up to 11 years. Most submersible pumps die between 1.5 to 3.5 years.

It would seem that most submersible pumps even though they may cost less to purchase, are robbing most pond owners that own them. Consider ordering an external pump and remove the submersible. You may be able to use it as a backup or plumb to add additional water to a waterfall for effect when desired. We hope this helps you to consider a money saving pump!

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Pump review PeformancePro Artesian 2 external pump

Research into pumps was limited to the following considerations. Most practical and economic to operate. Finding one that handles good flow and operates at low amps is important to most pond owners since pumps operate 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. The PerformancePro pumps were selected for this exact reason. Selected for there low operating cost, right price and excellent performance. The customer service is also great.

Low operating costs
Right price
Excellent performance
3 year warranty

The Artesian2 pump series has the following features: Reliable and efficient Baldor motor, self priming, built in leaf trap basket, quick disconnect unions on the 2 inch ports.

Pros: Whisper quiet external pumps that operate at low amps. The A2-1/4-47 draws only 2.5 amps and pushes nearly 4680 gallons per hour. This is rated at about 4 feet of head pressure. The pump prices are affordable. Having dealt with other pump manufacturers, I can attest to the excellent customer service that PerformancePro provides when needed.

Cons: none.

Overall, this is an excellent pond pump and cheap to operate. The Artesian2 should be considered before other pumps. They also make a great addition to creating dynamic waterfalls if you are looking to add more flow to an existing system.

To learn more about owning an PerformancePro pumps - Click Here!

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UV review Koi Pond Smart UV Emperor Aquatic

Research into Ultraviolet Lights was easy because we found a company that provides plenty of information about the benefits of using a UV light on ponds. In further research, we discovered that many companies offer UV lights, yet few offered excellent quality and design in our opinion. We found two companies that most pond owners should consider. From our research, we felt it important to help people understand UV more and we created a web site dedicated to comparing UV lights offered by the three top selling brands for Koi Ponds. This site is called KoiPondUV.com .

The two top brands we feel are Emperor Aquatics and then W Lim. Emperor Aquatics offer many models to fit most any pond. We prefer the Smart High Output models for ponds over 4000 gallons and the regular Smart UV for ponds 4000 and under. We prefer there UV's for excellent design, quality, looks and features. We have been using the same Smart 50 watt High Output unit on our 5000 gallon pond for over ten years with no problems. Maintenance has been like any other UV, just replace the lamp every 13 months.

Our research found that the W Lim UV's are using a UV lamp that are custom built for the W Lim Corporation UV's. They benefit from having more mercury in the lamp to produce a much stronger punch of UV light. This benefits in not only producing a stronger light, but one that actually stays stronger in the way of usable efficiency. Most UV manufacturers state that the user should replace the lamp at 13 months of usage because the lamp has reached about 60% of its efficiency. Third party testing demonstrated that the W Lim UV lamps are at 80% of its efficiency at 13 months of usage. The lamp reaches 60% at about 18 months of usage.

When purchasing any product, we feel it important to also consider a companies customer service. We have sold allot of UV light units over the years and have never had a problem with Emperor Aquatics customer service. Emperor Aquatics UV is a great design, well built, has lasted us a long time and they have great customer service. Hope this helps.

We look forward to speaking with you for your pond product needs.

Bill Putnam
SkagiTek Inc. 360 588-0140

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