UV sterilization is a proven method for controlling waterborne algae. Combining sterilization with adequate mechanical filtration and operating the two properly is most effective in eliminating algae blooms and maintaining clear water. Practical fish stocking densities and responsible feeding, along with routine filter and UV sterilizer maintenance play a big part in achieving a balanced system. Partial water changes (approximately 10 percent of the pond volume weekly with non-chlorinated water) will aid in diluting nutrients. All SmartUVs have 1.5" Union Ports. Note: The mounting bracket shown are not included.

Emperor Aquatic SmartUV 25w

Max pond size of 2,360 Gallons
Max flow rate of 788 GPH
29" x 4"

Price: $402.45


Emperor Aquatic SmartUV 40w

Max pond size of 4,725 Gallons
Max flow rate of 1,574 GPH
43.75" x 4"

Price: $437.73


Emperor Aquatic SmartUV 65w

Max pond size of 8,565 Gallons
Max flow rate of 2,855 GPH
70.5" x 4"

Price: $562.26

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