PurFlo PVC filters are very popular because they offer several unique features.

First and foremost of those features is low price however, professional appearance, availability of clear or gray materials, convenience of use, the ability to use this one standard basic design as a cartridge filter, carbon filter, basket strainer and bio-disc chamber and, standardization of the look of your installations, all contribute in their own way to making the PurFlo system the best choice for your filtration needs.

PurFlo uses a modular concept consisting of stackable PVC cylindrical sections which are clamped together with stainless steel clamp rings to make one, two or three high assemblies. Assemblies are available in either “40 PSI” pressure or “100 PSI” designs.The cylindrical sections are 9” in diameter and 12” tall. They are made from either clear or gray material. Clear is most often used where sunlight won’t contribute to the growth of algae or mold and, gray is used, most often, where sunlight will contribute to it.

PurFlo 1 Tier Pre-Filter

- 2" Union Ports

Price: $196.00


PurFlo 2 Tier Pre-Filter

- 2" Union Ports

Price: $296.00


PurFlo 3 Tier Pre-Filter

- 2" Union Ports

Price: $420.00


PurFlo PVC Strainer

Comes in Single, Double, and Triple Tier



3/4" Waste Ball Valve

3/4" Waste Ball Valve for PurFlow Strainers

Price: $8.70


Two 2" Unions for Pur Flo Filters

Black, 2", comes with two

Price: $20.00


Cloth Bags, 18 Mesh, 14 x 14

18 Mesh, Cloth Bags, 14 x 14

Price: $7.50


Gray Domed Grid

- Supports bags off the bottom

Price: $11.00


9 lbs, Activated Carbon in 18 mesh, 14 x 14 bag

9lbs, Activated Carbon in 18 Mesh, 14 x 14 bag

Price: $40.00

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